Stroke Mechanics - Building successful swimmers for 31 years.

About the coach 
Coach Mark Schoenfelder brings 31 years of coaching experience to the pool deck.  His career started as a summer-league swim coach in the MCSL,  back in 1988.  From there he founded a USA Swimming club team WAC Swimming, Inc. which later became TITAN Swimming.  In 2002 he merged his team with the world-renowned Curl-Burke Swim Club where he coached for 10 years as one of the clubs head age-group coaches. Curl-Burke has since changed it's name to Nation's Capital Swim Club.  After leaving club swimming, Stroke Mechanics was formed.
 Mark has coached at the senior level working with swimmers that qualified for Olympic Trials, age group level working with numerous swimmers nationally ranked in the Top 10/16(including National Age Group Record Holders), as well as coaching master's swimmers, including a USMS National and World Record Holder.  Mark has also worked with swimmers with physical disabilities including a USA Swimming Disabilities  5-time National Champion.  He is a Lifetime Member of the American Swimming Coaches Assn. and is a certified Level 3 Coach having successfully completed all 5 certification schools.  Mark's philosophy is simple, "shape the hull of the boat before you put the motor in it".  In other words, become an effective swimmer before you become a more fit and stronger swimmer. 
In his opinion, one of the most over-looked laws of physics that govern how successful swimmers will be in moving through water, is the fact that for every increase in velocity by a factor of two, the resultant drag increases by a factor of FOUR.  Drag increases exponentially!  For example, if a 10 or 11 year old swimmer decides, after their first summer of summer-league swimming, they want to swim year round.  As a novice, with little or no training their first summer, a time of close to a minute in the 50M free would not be unreasonable.  After working with a professional coach and becoming more effective, as well as becoming more fit, that same swimmer the following year could conceivably turn in a time in the same event in nearly half the time.  That swimmer is encountering FOUR times more resistance than they did the year could think of that as the water became four times more dense or thicker than the year before.  That is one of the reasons that when you watch the best in the sport, it appears as if they are swimming effortlessly, with very little disruption to the water.  It is how and when an effective swimmer applies force and how they shape their bodies that increases their chance of being successful.
 Back in the late 90's, Dr. Richard Sharp did a study at ICAR(International Center for Aquatic Research, now part of the Olympic Training Center) that demonstrated that swimmers that perform at world class levels apply less force to the water than most collegiate level swimmers...WOW.  It's not how much force is applied, it's how and when it is applied.  Interesting stuff.
Mark would welcome the opportunity to meet with you and show you how it is he provides and delivers the best instructional swimming service in the local swimming industry.  Call or email Mark to schedule a lesson or set up a time to come and watch him in action!
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